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CUrreNT AffaiRS(e) - Someone set us up the bomb!! 43421 Posts Last Post: 02/16/18 04:41 PM
Join the Retrogames Refugees Facebook group. It's invite only so PM me for admittance.
Off Topic DISCUSSION 178 Posts Last Post: 02/21/18 02:13 AM
craterface's legazy... now run by a banned member. Whoops?
Suggestions 2574 Posts Last Post: 01/18/17 11:38 AM
Constructive comments and suggestions about the new board. "It sucks" and "Gimme my old boards" are not constructive, but whatever. It's not like the boards are busy anymore. craterface needs work to do!!
General Emulation - Could Retrogames please unban me from posting on the main page?? 6012 Posts Last Post: 12/20/17 05:08 PM
Any emulation not covered below. Taking you back to a time when spambots on forums weren't a thing.
Neo-Geo Emulation - Read Iron Man's 300 Posts Last Post: 02/03/18 07:40 AM
Neo·Geo Emulation - PLEASE, no ROM begging or unlicensed MAME's here. KThx. And yes, I am dead.
Console Emulation - Ask for a rom, get kicked in the head 288 Posts Last Post: 02/04/17 08:49 AM
Emulators for or on home gaming systems
Capcom Emulation Board - Reclosed!! 14 Posts Last Post: 10/22/17 03:58 PM
Capcom emulation reclosed!
Pinball! 1649 Posts Last Post: 05/10/17 10:18 AM
Try to keep pinball discussion on this board :)
Hardware & Software Tech Support & BOINC/SETI@home Discussion 609 Posts Last Post: 11/17/17 11:56 AM
Ask about your computer problems here. Skilled technicians on hand. :)
Oh & while you're at it, JOIN THE RETROGAMES BOINC SETI@HOME TEAM!!! Click here to read about it... We're rockin' the RAC!!! :)

Emu Programming 564 Posts Last Post: 12/09/16 06:57 AM
Emulator programming
Gaming Today 45 Posts Last Post: 10/06/17 11:36 AM
Discuss the (next-generation) consoles and/or PC games you are playing today!
Computer Emulation 458 Posts Last Post: 09/14/17 06:08 PM
Old Computers Don't Die, They Just Get Emulated.
MAMECE3 Discussion and Support - Hold the Spam! 3283 Posts Last Post: 02/06/18 02:37 PM
Discuss MAME running on PocketPCs and PsPCs. (www.mameworld.net/mamece3)
This board is as dead as I am inside. 442 Posts Last Post: 01/30/17 02:10 PM

System 16
Sega Museum Board 1260 Posts Last Post: 08/06/11 08:10 PM
*Rom Requests will get you banned, there are no roms on System16 and I do not know how to get them, asking for where to download roms is not allowed either

*Any abusive posts will be banned, traced and the relevant internet companies informed of abusive behaviour


clrmame Discussion 4512 Posts Last Post: 11/11/17 11:29 AM
This is where you discuss all things good and bad about clrmame. Suggestions and other things also welcome, of course.
All times are EST